Exciting Additions

There have been many new things popping up at TIDE Academy. This ranges from classroom and playground improvements including the new library shelves, air-conditioned classrooms, a ping pong table, a salmon ladder for our Ninja Warrior course and more. We are very pleased with the progress of the school and are looking forward to continually adding to the physical features of the school. Although these upgrades are incredibly exciting, the most wonderful additions coming in January are not the building’s upgrades but the new staff members joining our team. We are delighted to announce two new staff members, Jaime and Alisa who will be joining us at TIDE Academy.


Who is Jaime?

Jaime is a certified TEFL and ELE (Teaching Spanish as a foreign language) teacher. Jaime acquired his Bachelor of Arts in International Communications and Media Management in Holland. Jaime has worked in Holland, Spain and Costa Rica. Jaime is fluent in both English and Spanish and has plenty of experience monitoring and evaluating Spanish A1- C1 levels.


Jaime prides himself on building strong, respectful relationships with students in order to engage them in meaningful learning experience. His experience working in Spain, Holland and in Tamarindo have provided him with a deep understanding of working with students from diverse cultural backgrounds who have different language requirements. Jaime’s organizational abilities and capability to deliver material in a fun and memorable way made him a desirable addition to the team. We have been working with Jaime for some time to attain his bright personality and knowledge here at TIDE Academy. We are very pleased to announce his arrival.


Who is Alisa?

Alisa is a veteran teacher who comes to us with over 20 years of experience.  Alisa acquired her Bachelor of Education at the University of Western Ontario and has taught in South Korea and Canada, with a strong background in early years. She has training in ESL/ELD (English Literacy Development) and many additional qualifications in ESL training and Special Education. Alisa will be joining us in Grade 1/2 as the English, Math, Science and Social Studies teacher.

She is passionate about building critical learning skills and using inquiry-based learning to achieve outcomes. She plans to focus on sustainabilityand global communities through inquiry and project-based learning. She will achieve this by building students question asking abilities and critical thinking skills. We are thrilled to have her personality, years of experience and philosophy of education joining TIDE Academy.


Fortunately, due to the addition of Alisa we now have some spaces available in Grade 1 and 2. For those who are interested in joining Alisa’s team in grade 1, please contact TIDE Academy for more details.