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We are so sad to have left TIDE, but extremely grateful. Each of our four children will forever be changed. The academics, the extra curricular, and of course the surfing gave them the experience of a lifetime. We want to thank the staff, all our new friends (2 legged and 4) and everyone else involved with TIDE Academy. But a special mucho gracias to Chelsea with a wish for continued success.”

“We are and have always been thankful for everything you did for our son. You were so patient. The times with you were his first happy experiences at school and for that, we are truly eternally grateful”

“Soy testigo de la buena educacion que le da a mis hijos! Adelante!”


“The children of the future could use some more teachers like Chelsea in their lives!”

“As a family that travels quite a lot, the TIDE has been the perfect solution for our 3 kids. We couldn’t be happier with our experience and the value we’ve gotten out of TIDE.”

“Esta escuela y han hecho tanto para mi familia nunca podríamos gracias y sus profesores lo suficiente!”

“I love TIDE. I can’t wait to come back!”

“I approached TIDE Academy when my family was planning a yearly extended vacation to Costa Rica.  TIDE Academy has the perfect balance of small academic classes, extra-curricular activities and hours to make sure we could balance school and vacation.  Thanks for giving our girls such a great experience!”