About TIDE

What is TIDE?


TIDE is a schooling program for those students with interests that expand beyond a conventional academic structure. While many students respond well working in a traditional, five-days-a-week school program, TIDE caters to those students with interests outside of school and need flexibility to incorporate their traveling, practices, and internships in their life.

Many students have other priorities other than just school.  This does not mean that their other priorities are more important than an education; it just means that sometimes you have to be more flexible when creating an academic schedule.

The school allows students with additional commitments to complete their studies in another location without having to play catch up when they return.  Students should not be penalized for living a non-traditional life. Education can be incorporated easily into any lifestyle – sometimes it just takes a little flexibility, and that flexibility is what TIDE is all about.


www.tamarindofamilyphotos.com“As a family that travels quite a lot, the TIDE has been the perfect solution for our 3 kids. We couldn’t be happier with our experience and the value we’ve gotten out of TIDE.”



TIDE is for students want the ability to grow and learn at a pace that suits them.   At TIDE we create personal flexible schedules that are individualized for each student. Focusing on each student separately allows more academic and social growth.

Families that are looking to spend more time together, travel on the long-weekends, are competitive athletes, or just looking for a smaller classroom size are ideal families for TIDE.  Our shorter days support outside learning and we promote that.  We want to see our TIDE families explore, learn, and appreciate everything Costa Rica has to offer.

Our well-rounded curriculum focuses on: Language Arts, Spanish, Social Studies, Math, Science, Civic and Cultural Diversity classes.

Administration & Staff


TIDE Mission and Philosophy

Total Immersion through a Dynamic Education An alternative school for families with non-traditional lives Provide a one-on-one personalized education to each student. We want each student to succeed to the best of his or her ability. This means challenging them enough but keeping them academically engaged as well! Provide a flexible education that is adapted to each student. …