Afternoon Electives

Afternoon Electives

Our electives are offered from 12:30-2:30 and can change per semester.

Our elective classes are to immerse students in different aspects of learning in a more social class setting.  Students have the chance to work in groups, learn to code, learn new aspects of physical activity, and maybe discover a passion they never new they had!

Each class will be offered twice a week and the student is required to attend both classes.  The same four classes will be offered Monday and Tuesday or Tuesday and Thursday.  Students may not switch between the different classes each week.

All classes will be graded and will be noted on your report card.  The goal is have each child engaged in the classes he or she has signed up for.  Additionally, failing to come to class, coming late, misbehaving, and/or not participating will be noted.

If a student has decided not to enroll in an elective class, they must be picked up.

Spring 2020 Electives

Clas Descriptions:


Come January I will be teaching an elective called Train your Brain. The class will be centered around growth mindset with small some mindfulness included. Because this may not be your child’s most desirable class to choose, I am providing more information about the program in hopes to have enough interest in the course. If you think this is something you would like your child to develop, please do,  please read on and download the ‘Parents Guide to Growth Mindset’ PDF above.
Please refer to the syllabus attached to read and learn more about what growth mindset is and a detailed schedule of what we will cover in through the course.
course description seen below and a weekly breakdown of what we will be doing in class.
“Research is showing that students with a growth mindset, tend to do better at school, enjoy school more, participate more frequently in class, and have more positive aspirations for their future. Just as importantly, students with a growth mindset tend to learn from their mistakes rather than being paralysed or derailed by them.” -Jasmine Green
My experience with Growth Mindset and Mindfulness?
  •  Taught growth mindset and emotional intelligence in my classrooms numerous times
  • Implemented school wide “Power of Yet”  initiatives.
  • Trained teacher and facilitated PD’s on the Growth Mindset.
  • Certification in Emotional Processing and Mindfulness Education ( University or Monash)
  • Certificate in Living Mindfully ( University of Monash)
  • Certificate in  Life Coaching
What is the difference between Growth Mindset and Mindfulness?

Growth Mindset refers to a belief that intelligence is able to be developed and effort is the key to mastery. Mindfulness is different from a growth mindset. ​Mindfulness focuses on awareness whereby one observes and non-judgementally pays attention to inner states (such as thoughts or feelings) while understanding what is happening outside the body in the world.


Wilderness Adventure

Class description: Wilderness is a class where students will spend almost all of their class time outside. This class encourages kids to play outside, be creative, interact with one another, and enjoy the fresh air. We will usually choose between going to the beach and playing in the forest right behind Tide Academy. In order to be a part of this class a waiver needs to be signed do to the outdoor nature of the class. Students should bring swimsuits, sunscreen, and bug repellent to every wilderness adventure class.



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