One of my favorite parts of teaching the Community Internship class at TIDE Academy is seeing students develop interests in areas that they might otherwise not explore. KombuchaGusto is a local business that was started by Victoria and has been growing over the years. Victoria came to TIDE earlier in the year to talk to the Community Internship classes. She discussed the process of starting her business, the history and health benefits of Kombucha and ways students could get involved. Zoe, one of the Community Internship students has since been learning how to make Kombucha and has been working with Victoria at the Tamarindo Night Market.

Zoe helps by selling Kombucha and other items at the market. She has been learning communication, cooperation and conversation skills by talking to her customers and working with Victoria. She tells customers details about how Kombucha is made and the flavors that are infused in this ancient beverage. She also helps promote other products like tea, flower crowns and sage sticks. Zoe has also been part of the Kombucha making workshops and is learning plenty of life skills along the way.

When asked what skills she has learned working with Victoria and being part of the night market Zoe was quick to acknowledge how this has developed her ability to talk to people and work with colleagues.  She also said that the night market is a nice place to go when you want to buy local and support smaller businesses. It has a nice welcoming vibe with live music and the occasional fire dancer.

At TIDE Academy we are always looking for learning opportunities and possible businesses for the students to volunteer and learn at. Thank you, Victoria, for lending your time and expertise to our Community Internship class.  Stay tuned for more learning experiences students have been involved with outside of school.

To find more out about what Kombucha is, workshops and where you can purchase it, visit Victoria on Facebook @Kombuchagusto.


Also, be sure to pop by the Tamarindo Night Market to try a sample of Kombucha from Zoe and take in all the amazing food, music and support local businesses. https://www.facebook.com/belowtheTamarindogym/