TIDE Documentary


With all these exciting new improvements at TIDE Academy we are beyond proud to present our first documentary entirely filmed, written, and made by TIDE Students. This year the film class taught by Matt Sampson filmed and interviewed more than 40 students, teachers, and parents. The interviews were compiled together to create a truly amazing documentary about TIDE Academy and what it means to the students, parents, and teachers.

TIDE Documentary

One amazing thing about the documentary was that all students, parents, and teachers were asked many times what they would change about TIDE Academy and the only suggestion was to get better chairs and more supplies.

We have filled a niche in the Guanacaste community that has helped so many families. At TIDE we want to provide a personalized and flexible education that is affordable and available to all families.

Currently more than 30% of the TIDE students are on partial or full scholarships. At this time we do not have a scholarship foundation at TIDE Academy. Instead these families are given discounted prices and it is up to TIDE to make sure there are enough funds to provide the necessary means for teachers and supplies.

In order to keep tuition costs down we put all of our focus on the basics that are necessary to maintain such a customized education.
There are so many things we want to do and improve at TIDE, however without the necessary funds we are only able to provide so much. That is why we will be launching our first ever online-fundraiser this summer. The funds will go towards:
• Completing a high school science lab
• An on-campus playground
• Improving classroom furniture (new chairs, tables, and shelves)
• Increasing amount of school materials (ink, paper, textbooks, etc…)

TIDE is only improving more each year, with your help we can continue to provide a flexible and personalized education to each of our students! Please take the time and watch our Documentary and please contribute to our summer fundraiser. Any amount helps!

To donate please go to our website: TIDEAcademy.com

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the continuous support!
Director of TIDE Academy