This is my second year in Costa Rica and at Tide. I currently teach Language Arts from third grade to tenth grade and art extracurricular classes in the afternoon. I am passionate about the subject I teach and I love to inspire the students to get interested in reading and writing. I especially enjoy finding literature that the students can connect with and getting them involved in a class discussion. I am also passionate about art because I believe to be very therapeutic and its a great way to learn to not take ourselves so seriously. I often hear “I’m not good at drawing” whenever we discuss art. I want the kids to learn that it’s not about being “good” at art but rather finding peace in the process.
I was raised in Atlanta, Georgia and I went to the University of Alabama. I always went to huge schools and universities which is why I think Tide is such a special environment. I love having small classes and being able to connect with each student. After university I moved to Madrid to teach English as a second language. I fell in love with Spain and stayed there for two years. After that I relocated to Costa Rica and began working at Tide. I think Tide is a really special place and I am happy to see it growing and improving each year.
Outside of education I love traveling and hanging out at the beach. I love reading, visiting museums, yoga & pilates, and graphic design.