TIDE Summer camps have started!

Dance, Art, Spanish, Gardening, Surfing, and More!

If you are looking for something to do this summer, check out TIDE Academy’s summer camps!

Camps are open to all ages and will be running all of July and August!

Contact TIDEAcademy@gmail.com for more info!

TIDE Dance Academy

We are now excited to introduce the TIDE Dance Academy!

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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday vacation.


I am very excited to be back in session.  As you can see we have many new faces and some additional classrooms!  We have separated grades 3 and 4 and 5th and 6th as well.  Emma and Maren, our newest additions to TIDE are very excited to join the team and help with the middle grades.  I wanted to go over a few updates and reminders just so we are all on the same page this January.

  1. Excused vs Un-excused Absences

            At TIDE we want to promote a flexible education that caters to traveling families and students with other priorities.  This means if a family wants to travel or a students needs to compete in another country we allow this time excused AS LONG as the parents inform the administration two weeks before the planned absence.  The student is then responsible for collecting and completing the necessary work while they are absent.  When the student returns the work is expected to be completed, if the work is not completed the student MUST stay after school to finish the scheduled work.  All students that are excused from school for more than a week will be required to fill out the new TIDE TRAVEL form when they return as well!

When a student is sick they need to bring in a Doctors note or medical form saying that they were unable to attend school, if such paperwork is not presented to the administration the day miss is an un-excused absence.

In summary all days are excused that have given the administration two weeks noticed and the student has informed his or her teachers.  If a student does not inform the administration of a future absence this day is un-excused unless a Drs note or medical form is presented to the administration.

  1. Cell Phone Use

Cell phones are still and have always been prohibited in class.  Students are to give all cellphones to the front desk at the beginning of the day.  If this is not done, Ali will collect them while doing attendance at the beginning of the day.  Please respect the rules of the school and remember if you need to reach your son or daughter the TIDE office number is: 4702-8795




  1. Enrichment Activities!

After school classes have begun!  PLEASE bring in the sign-up form so we know what classes you are taking.  If you have not signed up for any classes but you are staying afterschool you will be kept in study hall with Katie.  These forms are necessary to take the classes!

  1. Parent Teacher Meet and Greet!

Thursday the 26th we will have a Parent/Teacher Meet from 2:30-3:30.  We invite all parents to attend to meet the teachers and staff of TIDE.

As always if you have any concerns or questions about the classes your child is taking please let us know!  We want to cater to each child’s needs the best that we can!




Happy October!

Happy October!

This month has been flying by!


I just wanted to share a few announcements:


  • Rainy Season Vacation- There is no school next week (October 24-29), enjoy the rainy season and we will see you October 31st!
  • Surf Contest this weekend. Everyone is invited to come participate and or watch this weekends Surf the TIDE contest in Avellanas. All surfers can sign up on the beach at 7:00am, event will start at 8:00am
  • Tidal Dancers, TIDE’s Dance Academy is open! For more information on the classes, schedule, and additional information contact Emily at: Tidaldancers@gmail.com
  • Culture Week! This week all of Marielos’ students celebrated Dia de Cultura by bringing in foods from different countries. Ask your child(ren) what cultures they learned about
  • Gracias Jesus! A big thank you to Malakai’s dad for coming to TIDE and sharing his knowledge on fincas, plants, composts, and gardens in Ileana’s class.
  • October 31st School will be back in session. If your child would like to dress up for Halloween during school hours they are more than welcome to that day! We will not be having a Halloween party at school however, there will be a Halloween Celebration at CRIA
  • 1st-6th graders thank you for your patience with the change in teachers during this time. Alana will be back after the break. A huge thanks to Katie and Jamie stepping it up at this time!



Again, we welcome all parents to express their questions, suggestions, and/or concerns. We are forever grateful for your support!