Welcome to TIDE!

Welcome to TIDE Academy!

We can’t believe that school is starting in less than a month!

The first day of school is September 4th.  This is Labor Day but we do not celebrate State holidays at TIDE (since we are in Costa Rica) so we will have school.

Below is the final calendar for next school year:

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Enrichment Academies

This year we are pleased to offer three different Enrichment Academies.  These are separate from the Enrichment Program and provide students with an additional six to seven hours per week studying an outside-the-classroom topic: Dance, Surf, or Music.

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TIDE Academy Handbook

Our TIDE Academy Handbook is complete.

Click on the link below to check it out!

TIDE Handbook


Trimester 1 Enrichment Activities!

Enrichment Activities will start September 11th (second week of school).  All classes are pass/fail and are mixed grades.


Costa Rican Crafts- Each week students will learn a new local craft from Costa Rica.  Lanterns, instruments, beading crafts and more!  This class is focused for grades 5th and below.

Art 1 and Art 2- Art Classes will introduce the basic fine art techniques and concepts such as line quality, color theory, perspective, negative space, symmetry, shading and more! The classes encompass a diversity of exercises to develop creativity and explore a variety of mediums through which the students can express themselves and discover their style.  Art 1 is for beginner artists, Art 2 students must be approved to take the class

Surf Yoga- Every fall Erin Sampson, the founder of 5 Parks Yoga, shares with TIDE her passion for yoga.  This class will focus on yoga for athletes especially surfers.  Students are required to bring their own mats. This class will take place in the Tidal Dancers Academy.

Children’s Yoga- The word yoga is derived from Sanskrit, meaning “to yoke”.  Children’s yoga with Kendra will incorporate games, movement, art, asana, meditation and breath work, that will aid students in developing self-guided methods for increasing focus and stillness. Activities are designed to capture and hold each child’s focus in an encouraging and supportive group atmosphere.  Students are required to bring their own mats. This class will take place in the Tidal Dancers Academy.

Gardening- The first trimester will focus on starting our own garden on the new TIDE Academy campus.  Students will learn how to start plants from seeds, landscaping, and growing their own food.

Ninja Warrior- Every student wants to be a ninja!  Moses will teach students elements of Tai Chi and incorporate them in a fun activity hour-long class.  This class has a limit of 15 children.  Sign-up quickly!

Newspaper- The TIDE Chart is coming back!  Each month the students will write articles, format, and create the monthly newspaper for TIDE Academy.  This class is open to all ages!

Dance- Dance with Emily will focus on all types of dancing.  The students will collaborate and practice to be ready for the TIDE recital at the end of the first Trimester (November 30th).  This class will take place in the Tidal Dancers Academy.

Computers- Giulio will share his expansive knowledge on computers with a focus on ICT.  Giulio will teach students how to make their own informative videos and design their own websites.  This class is for grades 5th and up.

Drama- Emily will share her many years of experience in theater with the students this fall!  Students will learn acting exercises, improve, theater vocabulary, and will work together to share a small production at the TIDE recital!  This class will take place in the Tidal Dancers Academy.

Italian-  Time to learn Italian!  Giulio will share his knowledge of his native language with all students who are excited to learn a foreign language!  Classes will involve games, reading, speaking, quizzes, and more to help those who want to learn Italian!

Study Hall- Alana will be available to help all students who need extra assistance in their studies.  Students are required to bring work they need help with to this class.  Additionally teachers can assign students to this class when they do not complete their homework.

Cooking- Working side-by-side our gardening class Kyndal will have students research the Costa Rican growing climate and then design a garden where students will grow local veggies and eventually cook them.  Hopefully by the end of the trimester we will be able to enjoy our crops!

Spanish- Emma will work with students who want to improve their Spanish or for those who may need extra help.  Movies, games, projects and skits will be used to help each student learn the language!

Film Making- Matt, once again, has offered to share is incredible knowledge on filmmaking and producing.  Students will work on and off campus to create their own production.  This class is recommended for grades 4th and higher.