Dr. Olivier Chatelain de Pronville

It is a great honor to become a member of our big family, as the new Principal of TIDE Academy. I will contribute this year to the positive school culture. I will also make sure that instruction is adapted and adaptive to every student in alignment with academic standards of achievement.

I will be offering full support to our great teachers, empowering them to surpass their achievements in educating our wonderful students. The success of our students depends on everyone: Teachers, Parents, Administration, and a strong desire to learn, grow and achieve from the student. TIDE is a unique school where everyone must feel valued.

I am the biggest fan of the students and treat them as responsible, respectful, gracious children and young people. I also expect them to behave with others in the same respectful way.

As the new Principal, I will bring novelties to the school while adopting and cherishing the school culture.

It is going to be an exciting and enriching school year and I look forward to meeting everyone.

Dr. O.

Dr. Olivier Chatelain de Pronville

School Principal

TIDE Academy