What do you teach at TIDE?
Ancient History, Geography, World Cultures, Science, World History, and Community Internship/

How long have you worked at TIDE?
This is my first year at TIDE and there is no place I would rather be right now!

Where did you receive your education/what did you study?
I studied at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO in the US.

Describe your teaching style
Relationships are the most important aspect of my teaching style. I want to have a solid relationship with every one of my students so they feel comfortable to speak up, ask for help, and engage with the content in our classes. I also try to teach to many different learning styles through kinesthetic activities, verbal learning, written learning, and games with competitions.

What is your teaching philosophy?
Take advantage of every single teaching moment, go with the flow, and to consistently model and foster compassion, mindfulness, critical thinking, collaboration, and effective communication.

Why do you like teaching at TIDE?
I like teaching at TIDE because the staff here are very supportive, the small class sizes make it impossible for kids to fall through the cracks in the back of the classroom, and I feel like I can actually make a significant difference in the school community and the greater community of Tamarindo.

What do you like to do when you are not teaching?
Surf, raft, read, snowboard, cook, and rock climb.