Emily Brown

Emily (Math)

Emily Brown

What do you teach at TIDE?
Math 7th grade and up
Dance and Drama

How long have you worked at TIDE?
This will be my 4th year

Where did you receive your education/what did you study?
I studied at St Bartholemew’s School of Nursing, City University , London England

Describe your teaching style
I like students to use as much of their own initiative as they can . I teach each child individually to their needs.

What is your teaching philosophy?
There is not just one way of learning. Understanding and knowing each students  strengths and weaknesses , and how they learn is very important to me.

Why do you like teaching at TIDE?
I like the personal attention that can be paid to each student due to the smaller sizes of classes

What do you like to do when you are not teaching?
Dance! I love to dance