Seven years ago I created the idea of TIDE and started the school in my own backyard with three students.  I am truly grateful that the idea and mission has helped and joined so many families, friends, and students together.

Growing up, my family ran a theatre business centered around science shows, so I have always had a passion for science.  Through high school I would travel across the country in search of dinosaur bones, discovering several unnamed species.  In 2008 received a Bachelor of Arts in Geoscience and a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York.  I wanted to be a science teacher to show kids that science is exciting and interesting.

I moved to Costa Rica nine years ago and immediately fell in love with the culture and overall happiness seen in everyone.  I worked at another private school for a year and a half and realized that students were being penalized for pursuing priorities outside of education.  This is what formed the mission of TIDE: to provide a personal and flexible education.

My teaching style is to cater to each students’ needs and interests.  I want to engage the students in each lecture and ensure they are happily challenged in a learning atmosphere.  I am beyond proud and grateful of what TIDE has become and I will continue to work to improve it every year.

When I am not at TIDE, you may find me in the water surfing, playing field hockey in Tamarindo or running surf contests throughout Costa Rica.  I live in Playa Grande with my husband, two year old daughter, and our dog Moxie.