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TIDE Academy Long-Term Program

While many students respond well working in a traditional, five days-a-week program, TIDE caters to those students whose out-of-school interests benefit from greater flexibility, supporting the incorporation of travels, practices, and internships into their life outside of the classroom. The small classroom size and one-on-one attention provided by TIDE benefits each student tremendously at both an educational and personal level.

The Long-Term program is offered to grades Preschool through 12th grade. This program is for families that will be living in the Gold Coast area for a minimum of one year.   The school year begins in August and is completed in June. This program is based on the New York State Curriculum with an emphasis in Spanish, Costa Rican History, and Cultural.  Textbooks are used as well as supplemental materials related to each of the subjects. The main classes consist of: English, Spanish, Civics, Culture, Social Studies, Math, and Science (additional electives are offered as well).


TIDE Academy Short-Term Program

Many families come to Costa Rica to experience a new culture, community, and experience.  At times scheduling such incredible experiences can interfere with a child’s school year at home. TIDE offers short-term enrollment opportunities to help those families make the long-vacation commitment to a life in Costa Rica.

TIDE can communicate with the family’s school at home and make sure all vital curriculum information is covered while the student is living in Costa Rica. The TIDE Short-Term Program also offers Spanish, a Latin-American culture class, and the opportunity to learn the infamous sport of the Costa Rican beaches: surfing. This program allows families to enjoy their time here and lose the stress of playing catch-up or failing classes at school back at home.

TIDE Abroad

TIDE Abroad is an online curriculum that focuses on student engagement and rigorous coursework. Just like TIDE Academy, we want our students to be thinking about how to make the world a better place and it starts with understanding how important it is to be engaged in your own learning!

TIDE Abroad is an alternative for students with nontraditional and traveling lifestyles. Instead of fitting students into one mold, we celebrate our differences.  Each student receives monthly coursework in core subjects (math, science, history, and English). The online school works at the student’s pace and provides regular check-ins. As the school year progresses, we focus on what they are doing in their own satellite communities, and how it relates to learning. We depend very heavily on the students’ determination to succeed, and can work with students willing to perform at this high achieving level.

Our TIDE Abroad program is for grades 9th and up.  This program is offered to students anywhere in the world who want to study in the comfort of their own home.  All work can be done online and weekly FaceTime tutoring sessions can be scheduled with your teachers.


We offer the following subjects:

Language Arts



Current Events

Social Studies