Admissions for the following school year begin March 2018.

Step 1: Contact TIDE Academy via email

Step 2: Complete and return the Application for Admissions

Step 3: School records/Transcripts are required of all applicants for grades 1-12

  • Complete and return the Confidential Records Request form, included in the Application Packet.
  • Send two (2) Teacher Recommendations forms to applicant’s previous school for completion and return to TIDE Academy by email:

Step 4: A parent/student interview and testing date will be schedules.  Students are encouraged to set a date to “shadow” a TIDE student which provides them an opportunity for them to experience a day at TIDE.

Step 5: When a student’s application file is complete it will be reviewed by the Admissions        Office for acceptance. Parents are notified of an applicant’s acceptance within two weeks of receipt of school records

A student’s registration packet will be considered complete when it contains the following documents:

  • Application for Admissions
  • Tuition Agreement, completed in full with parent/guardian signatures
  • Medical Form
  • Parent Involvement Contract
  • Copy of student’s birth certificate
  • Certificate of Immunization
  • Letter from previous school stating that there are no outstanding payments or fees owed by the family.

Step 6: Matriculation payments must be paid in a timely fashion by June 1st in order for us to be able to order books, equipment, and supplies in preparation for the new school year, but, as importantly for you, paying on time will secure your child’s place within his/her class.  The matriculation is non-refundable.

*Late registrants (after May 1): Matriculation fees are due before the student may attend school, or within 30 days of acceptance to TIDE Academy; whichever occurs first. A $100 penalty fee will be assessed for late Matriculation Fee payments made after scheduled dates above for the 2018-2019 school year.

Returning Students

All returning TIDE families, who are already registered, will only need to complete the following:

  • Returning Student Update form (attached)
  • Payment (three payment options to choose from – attached)
  • Proof of accident insurance



Program Options

TIDE Academy  While many students respond well working in a traditional, five days-a-week program, TIDE caters to those students whose out-of-school interests benefit from greater flexibility, supporting the incorporation of travels, practices, and internships into their life outside of the classroom. The small classroom size and one-on-one attention provided by TIDE benefits each student tremendously …


“We are so sad to have left TIDE, but extremely grateful. Each of our four children will forever be changed. The academics, the extra curricular, and of course the surfing gave them the experience of a lifetime. We want to thank the staff, all our new friends (2 legged and 4) and everyone else involved …

TIDE Academy Teacher Application

Click here to download the Teacher Application

Bank Information

Bank Information Payments can be made in our office or deposited into our Banco Nacional or Bank of San Jose (BAC) Accounts.  School fees are quoted in US dollars.   Banco Nacional Account name: TIDE ACADEMY SOCIEDAD ANONIMA Bank: Banco Nacional Account Number: 200-02-145-005324-6 Currency: Dollars IBAN: CR25015114520020053245 ID: 310166315400   Banco Nacional International Wire …