TIDE Mission and Philosophy (Page 3)

Total Immersion through a Dynamic Education

An alternative school for families with non-traditional lives

Provide a one-on-one personalized education to each student. We want each student to succeed to the best of his or her ability. This means challenging them enough but keeping them academically engaged as well!

Provide a flexible education that is adapted to each student. Having students with different needs and schedules means we need to create a learning atmosphere that is individualized. Meaning some students take their work on the road, some via Skype, and or some choose additional class hours. We customize the academic experience.

Promote learning outside the classroom. Learning should not only be for inside the classroom.  Students intern at several local businesses for academic credit, we also work with several organizations creating community projects such as: community murals, surf clinics, and local fundraisers.  We are also fortunate to have several partnerships with state-side universities and schools this allows us to share and learn with students from all over the world.

Arizona State University It was an amazing week having ASU at TIDE Academy. There was an extra buzz having 10 undergraduate students join the team. The program offered at ASU is for undergraduate teacher assistants pursuing careers in health care and education. ASU students spent their week shadowing teachers, planning and teaching their own lessons while learning more about the education field and life in Costa Rica. Their enthusiasm, energy and knowledge were welcomed by staff, students and the whole TIDE community. What did  ASU Students have to say? “I absolutely loved working at TIDE Academy! I don’t get to work with young people often andRead More →

Meet our Assistant Director: Adam For those who are currently part of the TIDE Academy community, you are already familiar with Adam’s outgoing, excited, passionate personality. Adam came to TIDE Academy in August to work as a classroom teacher and Assistant Director. But where what did Adam do before TIDE Academy? How did he get here and what does he do here? Adam was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada where he grew up and worked on a farm. Adam pursued a career in ice hockey before transitioning into working in the agricultural industry.  Adam’s love for coaching youth in hockey led him to the UniversityRead More →

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” -Martha Graham One, and two, and three and Dance! Not all TIDE Academy students attend Tidal Dancers, but you can often see those who do taking brief pauses around the school to express themselves through dance. Tidal Dancers brings together adolescence ages 3 to 18 and provides a range of different dance classes. Not only do the current dance students love Tidal Dancers, it also has many other benefits for youth. Tidal Dancers was founded in 2016 by Emily Brown. Growing up in dance, Emily always wanted to create a space where children could have a creativeRead More →

There are many elements that help us find success in life. As students grow academically, personally and socially they grow in developing themselves within the world. At TIDE Academy we have students and parents with different goals, aspirations and outlooks on success.  Regardless of what students pursue after their time in school, there are tools we can integrate that will support them achieve their goals. Today, we focus on the Four B’s and the Habits of Mind.   What are the Habits of Mind? The Habits of Mind were developed by Costa and Kallick. They chose16 different aspects that students can use to approach dealingRead More →