ASU 2020

Arizona State University


It has been another amazing experience having ASU at TIDE Academy. There was an extra buzz having the undergraduate students join the team. The program offered at ASU is for undergraduate teacher assistants pursuing careers in health care and education. ASU students spent their week shadowing teachers, planning and teaching their own lessons while learning more about the education field and life in Costa Rica. Their enthusiasm, energy and knowledge were welcomed by staff, students and the whole TIDE community.


What did  ASU Students have to say?


“I absolutely loved working at TIDE Academy! The first day I was humbled by a student who was teaching me about investing on Investopedia. I was also surprised at how diverse the student body was and learned a little Hebrew from some of the students. It was also nice to see the student teacher relationships. Students surf with their teachers and they are a big community 

– Jeremy


“Coming from a higher stress environment with not a lot of time and space to find balance made my experience in Tamarindo and at TIDE Academy a dream. Being able to have class discussions, connect with the students, work in small classes and use different teaching methods was great.” –ASU Student


What did students have to say?

“It was so fun in Science class learning about bugs, getting to make animal cards and seeing a spider come back to life after being frozen.” -Grade 6 student


“We learned so much reading and we were able to read with so many new people” – Grade 2 student


One of the wonderful things we love about TIDE Academy is the connections they have with universities and programs abroad. Our children love having new guests visit and the extra 1-1 support is always welcomed. – TIDE Parent



We are grateful to have developed a relationship with ASU and are excited to announce that they will be returning again in the 2020-2021 school year.