Becoming a Waste-Free School

At TIDE we want to be aware of the waste we produce and where it goes, with the goal of becoming a waste-free institution.   Starting this year we have formed a partnership with Costa Rica Makes Me Happy.

♻️ We wanted to share information about the Partnership that has formed between TIDE Academy and Costa Rica Makes Me Happy (CRMMH).

♻️ CRMMH is an organization that is organizing monthly roadside and beach clean ups. They are then turning the collected waste into eco-blocks. The eco-blocks are then used to build houses in the local communities.

♻️The students will be helping with the beach clean ups and will be helping them build one of their first houses in the area.

♻️CRMMH will also be coming to TIDE to share their knowledge on recycling in Costa Rica and how we can better implement a recycling and trash program in our school.

♻️Then every 14th and 29th of the month CRMMH will collect these items from Tide and divide and turn into eco blocks to build more homes in the community.

♻️As many of you have seen or heard, Tide is now collecting :
-paper and cardboard
-bottles (plastic and glass)
-milk cartons
-plastics from wrappers to car bumpers

♻️ Additionally, if anyone or families would like to help with the beach clean ups or building the houses or that would like to sponsor a portion of the road-side clean up contact Chelsea