Whats coming up at TIDE?

Sandra (Assit.)

It has been an incredible year at TIDE Academy. We have seen plenty of improvements and are happy with the personal and academic growth of the students. Purchasing the building has provided the school with the opportunity to continually add to the building and learning environment while still maintaining the same happy and enthusiastic atmosphere the school has always had.

The school has seen many changes from classroom renovations and additional A.C units added.   There have been bathroom renovations, a new library, rock climbing equipment added, a salmon later to the ninja warrior class and an outdoor stage. We are happy to announce all these changes have added so much to the physical learning space at TIDE.

We are also excited to share what teachers and staff will be returning next year.

Emily Brown will be returning for her 6thyear at TIDE Academy. Along with Emily’s past roles of overseeing transcripts, SAT Prep and High School Math, Emily will be taking on the role as the Lead Teacher for grade 11 and 12.  Emily will work to provide personalized programs for students in order to achieve their high school requirements, progress in their subjects of interest and transitioning to post secondary.

Jaime Pieitain will be returning for his 2nd year at TIDE Academy. Jaime’s wealth of experience teaching and monitoring Spanish levels has made him a key member of TIDE Academy.  Jamie’s experience as an ESL teacher gives him a deeper understanding of teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Jaime is a passionate teacher who sets high, but attainable standards for students.

“He is a competent at the subject he teaches, not only because he is a native Spanish speaker, but he knows how to speak Spanish. My daughter was able to jump ahead a year in her Spanish classes when she return after her semester at TIDE Academy.” – TIDE Academy Parent

Rebecca Porter will be returning for her 2ndyear as TIDE Academy’s grade 4-10 English Language Arts Teacher. Rebecca has worked tremendously hard this year differentiating learning for students, composing different types of writing and has a deep understanding of the progression of English. Her additional education in TEFL has been a big service in helping those who speak English as a second language.

Olga de Matheu Aguiluz will be returning for her 3rdyear at TIDE Academy. Olga will be continuing her work behind the scenes in the office. Olga will also be teaching some early year and middle years Cultura/Current Events classes in Spanish. This coming year our Cultura class will take a computing approach. Students will be using what they are taught to work on typing, making slides, forming documents, etc.

Sandra Stenberg will be returning for her 3rd year at TIDE Academy and will continue to work as a teacher assistant, working in the office and will also be our new school librarian. Sandra also does lunch orders, oversees the supplies and is a positive team member.

Adam Daniel will be returning for his 2ndyear as the Assistant Director. Adam will be stepping back from teaching high school to focus more on personalized expectations, overseeing academics, working with intervention groups and supporting teachers.  Adam has been furthering his professional development in Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Performance and Maintaining a Mindful life through the University of Monash. Adam will continue his academic credentials this summer taking Family Engagement in Education.

Chelsea will also be reducing her class load to be able to focus more on community connections and administration duties of TIDE Academy. Chelsea will be furthering her education over the summer taking classes on business and group leadership.

Stay tuned for our next blog on Who’s New.