What Do Students Like About TIDE?

One of the many reasons I enjoy being a part of TIDE Academy is the school’s size. Having under 70 students from Kindergarten to 12thgrade creates an environment that allows staff members to get to know everyone in the school on a personal level. Student relationships flourish throughout grades and there is always a lot of chatter and laughter at the school.  This week we take a break from our usual blog posts and talk to the students about what they enjoy about TIDE Academy.


What do you like about TIDE Academy?


“What I like the most is playing with friends and learning Math.”

-Mateo (Grade 2)


“I like how chill and nice it is. I especially like playing on the monkey bars and the slack line.”

– Penny (Grade 2)


“I like that it’s not a regular school. There is a lot less pressure here because teachers know and understand you more personally and academically. The teachers know your level and you get way more 1-1 attention when there is less than 30 kids in a classroom. The other kids are really nice here and it feels like supportive.”

-Zoey (Grade 9)


“It is nice here because there is no bullying and everyone is nice. The work is easier to get because there is less people (in class) and they can explain in more when you need help.”

-Grade 10


“I like it here because you really get to know your teachers and they are flexible to your schedule and life. The teachers are chill here and make you feel like a person and treat you with respect. If I have to miss school, it is also easy to catch up because there is only 6 people in my grade.”

-Grade 12 student


“For sure, one of my favorite parts of TIDE is the exciting learning environment. With the small classes we can get into in depth conversations and that helps me learn.”

-Nick (Grade 12)


“TIDE provided me the opportunity to help out in the community. The school is connected to the community and I have 2 jobs that I got through meeting people in the community internship class. I am very happy that the school provided me that opportunity.”

-Sam (Grade 12)