Meet Adam

Meet our Assistant Director: Adam

Adam (Asst. Director)

For those who are currently part of the TIDE Academy community, you are already familiar with Adam’s outgoing, excited, passionate personality. Adam came to TIDE Academy in August to work as a classroom teacher and Assistant Director. But where what did Adam do before TIDE Academy? How did he get here and what does he do here?

Adam was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada where he grew up and worked on a farm. Adam pursued a career in ice hockey before transitioning into working in the agricultural industry.  Adam’s love for coaching youth in hockey led him to the University of Saskatchewan where he studied Indigenous Studies and World Religions before completing his Bachelor of Education.

Adam has experience working in teaching in many countries. This was one of the many reasons TIDE Academy thought Adam would be a great fit.  In Canada, Adam refined his teaching style working at an inquiry-based school and was the recipient of the Bates Award for Excellence in Extended Practicum. During his time working in Canada, Adam studied in Guatemala and was part of a social justice program that brought ninth grade students to New York City.

Adam’s adventurous spirit and dislike of the cold led him to England. In his two years there, Adam found his way from a classroom teacher into working on S.A.T preparation and monitoring. In addition he worked with vulnerable students and facilitated lectures on curriculum development, lesson planning and behavioural management at the University of Westminster. Adam continued his work as a consultant in the South of Spain and Portugal, working on assessing the effectiveness of schools to attain higher academic achievement.

The past two years Adam has worked in Nicaragua in curriculum development, as a curriculum co-ordinator and grade 5,6,7 teacher. During his time there he composed a grade 1-8 curriculum in Math, integrating American, Canadian, Singapore and UK standards. Part of his work included developing a Science and Social Studies curriculum incorporating the International Bachelorette units and American and Canadian standards.

Adam is currently teaching grade 6/7 Math, grade 12 History and is the Assistant Director. His role is rooted in student learning and the development of students academic, personal and emotional growth. He oversees teachers’ evaluations and planning, monthly assemblies and professional development. He focuses on independent learning plans, student behaviour, personalizes learning and collaborates with parents to address any concerns they may have.

We are very happy to announce that Adam will be joining TIDE Academy long term and I am excited to continually work with Adam into the future.

“I am beyond excited to become part of the TIDE community and work with Chelsea into the future. Working at TIDE Academy has been a dream come true for me. I believe in supporting community both personally and professionally through open and honest communication with all students, colleagues, guardians, and community members; TIDE Academy has allowed me to do that.”