The Library

The Library

The Library


We have a library!  Mike (one of the seniors) and I have become a bit invested in the school library. Thankfully, our online library system Booksource has helped us organize and categorize all the new books. It has been a shared project among the upper years students and we are excited to improve it in the upcoming months.


It really has been a community effort with the Library. Mike and ZJ have uploaded all the new books into the library system. ZJ has rapidly divided our fiction and non-fiction books as well as our Spanish books. A variety of students have helped to label all the new books and Zoe has organized and divided all the early years leveled reading books. We now have all our middle years and elementary grade books color coded and separated from our upper years books.   


With our leveled reading books categorized, students are now able to find books that more efficiently suit their level. We have also began signing out books for students. It has been wonderful  to see the students exploring the different books in the library and using the space around the library to read.


It has also been excited to see the ownership of the library slowly evolve. Jacob has been busy going through all the teacher resource books and stacking shelves and Eloise is working on adding an artistic touch to the area.  

What can you expect next?

  •      New book shelves
  •      Reading level assessments
  •      1-1 reading with long-term students
  •      Guided reading groups grades 1-6
  •      Community Internship students reading to the younger grades.

How can you help?

We are always looking to add to our collection of books. Current areas we would like to see the library grow in are our non-fiction early years books and early year Spanish books. If you have any of these extra books around, please stop in and deliver them to the school office.

A special thank you to Mike, who has been a tremendous help with the some of the tedious tasks that can come with making a library.