A Small Insight on Sam

One of the seniors at Tide Academy is Sam. Sam joined TIDE last year from Sacramento California. As Sam’s 12th grade History teacher I am always excited to hear his perspectives and personal outlook on life. Sam is analytical, enjoys critical thinking and open in sharing his opinions on almost anything. I sat down with Sam this week to talk about what he’s learned in high school and his plans for the future.

1. What are some of the most important things that you have learned about yourself while in high school?
Not a lot of matters. In the big picture, not a whole lot of things you learn in class will be applicable for your life. But, I learned people. How people act, how people interact and how people function within a structure. I’ve learned to be able to read people and it has helped me better understand who I connect with and how to interact with people.

Connecting with people comes quite easy for Sam. He enjoys chatting with people, hanging out with his friends, and of course, chilling out.

2.Describe a skill, principle or concept learned in a class that you will use in your future career?
Humor. Adam is a funny dude and having a humorous outlook on life will better prepare you to face some of that obstacles that life will inevitably and continually throw at you.

Sam is always willing to try new things, help out around the school with laboring odd jobs and help in the pre-school. Although Sam does not know what life will look like in the distant future, he wants to travel, relax and see what opportunities open to him. Oh, and he wants to be a stuntman because he thinks he’d be awesome at it.

Sam is currently working on attaining his TEFL certificate, so he can us it to travel and possible work in Asia this upcoming year. It has been great to see Sam become a school leader and use his time in our Community Internship class to further his career development in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.