Surfing through School

Surfing through School

One of the missions at TIDE Academy is to provide flexible scheduling to help facilitate the learning and lifestyles that takes place outside of school. This is one of the many reasons students and parents choose TIDE Academy. Two of our numerous students who need flexible schedules are Coral and Malakai. They are both part of the Costa Rican Surf Team and will be leaving at the end of the month to compete in the ISA Junior World Surfing Games

It’s not easy to get where they are! Firstly, to become a member of the National Costa Rican Surf Team you must surf the national circuit, get scouted and be offered to join the Costa Rican Surf League. The Surf League is a federation that goes to events outside of Costa Rica to compete. I sat down with Malakai and Coral to discuss how they balance school and surfing.

  1.    How do you find going to school and surfing?

It’s hard to do both! It’s a lot of work! It helps that we have small classes and a that the school in flexible with our schedule.

  1.    In what ways is the school flexible?

The school will provide homework packages ahead of time, so we can get it done before we go or in the airports. And if we don’t have time to do it we can catch up when we get back and teachers are always willing to give extra help for us get it (work) finished.

On October 27th, Malakai and Coral are off to California to surf in the International Surfing Associations (ISA) World Juniors. The competition helps them gain world recognition and promotes themselves. Coral and Malakai are both very excited to be representing Costa Rica.

Be sure to wish them luck with their upcoming competition and follow their professional journey on Instagram @mpsmalakai_deez   and @coralwigginsa