Stay Covered Tamarindo Triple Crown: The Final!

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The final of the Stay Covered Triple Crown will happening this month!

On October 24th Surf the TIDE will host the final of the 3 part kid surf series.  The contest will occur in Tamarindo in front of Witchs Rock Surf Camp.  The categories are: Juniors, Boys, Girls, Mixed Groms, Dolphins, and Froggies.  Surfers are more than welcome to register online for this event by clicking the link at the bottom of this article.

The event is open to all kids 18 and under.  The mission of Surf the TIDE is “To be a positive surf environment that can be used as a learning platform for other contests.”

Going into the final the race to be the champion in several categories is very close.  Sage Guinaldo, Moises Rojas, and Jose Chinchilla are ranked 1st through 3rd respectfully in Juniors with a point difference of  40.  Odin Rodriguez and Luke Guinaldo are ranked 1st and 2nd in Mixed Groms with a 10 point difference.  The champion in each category will win a surf photo shoot with BadFISH Photography.

We hope everyone will be able to attend the final event!  Please remember all kids involved with CEPIA get to surf for free!

To register click on the link below, inbox Chelsea Lisaius, call 8658-1171, or register on the beach the day of the event (if there is still space available).

All proceeds go to the TIDE Academy Scholarship program


A HUGE THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS, Surfoam, Witchs Rock Surf Camp, Lolas, CHE Boards, Bolas Locas, Suspiro Esmeralda, BadFISH Photography, Liz’s Jewerly


Current Leaders


1. Sage Guinaldo

2. Moises Rojas

3. Jose Chinchilla



1. Sage Guinaldo

2. Luke Guinaldo

3. Jose Daniela Soto



1. Charli Meek

2. Joesquel Gonzalez

3. Lia Diaz


Mixed Groms

1. Odin Rodriguez

2. Luke Guinaldo

3. Isaiah Dawson



1. Max Babyak

2. Sol Diaz

3. Pietro Garroux



1. Gal Ximena

2. Bella Bratton

3. Ella Keidel