October 9, 2015 archive

Stay Covered Tamarindo Triple Crown: The Final!

  The final of the Stay Covered Triple Crown will happening this month! On October 24th Surf the TIDE will host the final of the 3 part kid surf series.  The contest will occur in Tamarindo in front of Witchs Rock Surf Camp.  The categories are: Juniors, Boys, Girls, Mixed Groms, Dolphins, and Froggies.  Surfers …

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I Can’t Think of What to Write!

    This year TIDE Kinder-5th grade teacher Alana will be sharing a series of articles, blogs, and posts about TIDE’s philosophy, education, TIDE’s staff, things to do around the Tamarindo area.  This week she wants to share an informative article on helping your child learn to write.  Please read and keep checking back for more …

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