TIDE’s new surf coach: Isaac Vega


The first week of Surf Class went great!  Isaac was able to evaluate the level of all the surfers and then discuss the basics of surfing during the first analysis class.  Next week the students will analyze video taken by Matt Sampson during the morning class!

Isaac Vega was the 2006 National Champion of Costa Rica and the 2014 Circuito Guanacasteco Champion.

Isaac will be the surf coach for all intermediate and advanced surfers.  The goal of the TIDE surf program is to teach surfing as a life-long sport and to push each child to his or her maximum potential.  Isaac is ready to provide all the attention he can so that each student can reach his or her surfing goals.
Isaac will also be available for private lessons before and after school.  He can also provide his services at competitions as a coach.
Isaac will also be teaching the Classroom Analysis class (Beginner-Advance surfers), where he will analyze videos and photos of each student and provide them with all the necessary information to improve.11988424_1065714253453542_8107641735244134442_n
The Intermediate/Advance program will be offered every Tuesday Starting September 22nd.  Each Tuesday there will be a 2 hour water lesson and a 1 hour classroom session.
Water(surf) classes will be scheduled at: TUESDAY 5:45-7:45AM
Classroom Analysis will be scheduled  at:  12:30-1:30PM
Startin in November if there is interest TIDE will be offering two water classes per week.  During the rainy season we will only offering one water class per week.
Beginner Surf Class: $30 per trimester (includes surf analysis)
Intermediate/Advance Surf Class: $40 per trimester (includes surf analysis)