TIDE’s After School Program

We had a great first week of After School Activities!

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Please know that the activities are open to all TIDE families and families in the area!

Cost for non-TIDE students: $5 per day or $10 per week

TIDE 1st Trimester After-school Program

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Class Descriptions

Cost is per trimester


Art ($40)

Teacher: Sophia

Students will learn many different aspects of art and medias including drawing, painting, and sculpting.


Spanish 1 ($20)

Teacher: Daniella

This beginner course is for students who require basic Spanish skills and to help them build on what they have learned during TIDE Academic hours


Spanish 2 ($20)

Teacher: Melissa

This is a more advanced Spanish course suited for students who require additional practice beyond the basics


Biology 2 (no fee)

Teacher: Emily

This class is only for students who have complete High School Biology 1. Students taking this class will receive Academic credit.


Health (no fee)

Teacher: Emily

The Low TIDE health class will cover the following units:

  1. Nutrition/physical activity- the importance of a balanced diet and exercise
  2. Growth and Development- understanding about ur bodies and how our muscles, bones etc change and grow
  3. Mental and Emotional Health- discussing the important aspects of social health.
  4. Alcohol, tobacco and drugs
  5. Injury prevention and safety- covering basic first aid needs

Surf Analysis ($40)

Teacher: Isaac

Surf Analysis will teach surfer students about ocean safety, surfing etiquette, competitive surfing, and more. Classes will use photo and video analysis to show and improve each surfing student personally as well!


Jewelry and Crafts ($10)

Teacher: Liz

Liz will prepare a different project each week for the students. Projects could include: necklaces and jewelry, dream catchers, puppets, friendship bracelets and more!



Nature Awareness ($10)

Teacher: Sarah

Low TIDE students will have the opportunity to learn more about nature and to create projects that involve many different aspects of nature. The class will also learn about protecting our natural environment.


Yoga (no fee)

Teacher: Erin

Two classes will be offered per week that are personalized to the age and level of yogis J Please bring your own mat


Film and Photography ($20)

Teacher: Matt

Matt will teach students the basics of filming and photography. The students will also have the opportunity to create their own documentary and/or film!


Yearbook (no fee)

Teacher: Sarah

Students will work with Sarah to complete the 2015-2016 TIDE yearbook. The students will also put together the monthly newsletter: The TIDE Chart with Sarah. Academic credit can be given.



Homework Club (no fee)

Teacher: Chelsea

This class is to assist kids who are struggling or just need a quiet area to study. This class can be required to students who are no completing their homework on time!