Enrichment Activities

Enrichment Activities

The Enrichment classes for the final trimester are ready!

We have made some changes to how the classes will be running:All classes will be graded and noted on your report card.  The goal is have each child engaged in the classes he or she has signed up for.  Additionally, failing to come to class, coming late, misbehaving, and/or not participating will be noted.

Each class will be offered twice a week and the student is required to attend both classes.  We have noticed with each class only being offered once a week, the students’ engagement level is not that same as during the academic hours.  This we want to improve.  The 4 same classes will be offered Monday and Tuesday or Tuesday and Thursday.  Students may not switch between the different classes each week.

If a student has decided not to enroll in an enrichment class, they MUST be picked up.  We are not a babysitting service and somehow this keeps happened during the enrichment hours.

All students in 1st and 2nd graders are welcome to stay afterschool and be part of the Afterschool Learning Program with Laura.  There will be a $40 fee for the trimester, this is to purchase additional materials for the class.

Enrichment Classes

Sign up for Trimester 2 Enrichment Activities
    Cost- $40 per Trimester
    Surf Awareness- $20 per Trimester Teachers- Kyndal and Chelsea Students will be doing weekly beach clean ups, teaching others to live a plastic free life style, and producing their own organic surf wax, and more! Study Hall- Free Teachers- Emily and Alana Students can use this time to catch up on work that is missing, get extra attention, and to get ahead on their work.
    Gardening- Free Teachers- Moses and Julie Students will continue to work on TIDEs gardens Jujitsu- $100 Teachers- Gustavo (Black Belt professor) and Steven (Purple Belt) Students will learn the art of jujitsu- form, conditioning, respect, routine, and techniques
    CR Cooking- Free (however students will be asked to bring in supplies) Teachers- Ileana and Marielos Students will work how to make traditional Costa Rican Foods and Crafts Art-$10 per trimester (for supplies) Teachers- Kyndal and Steve On Tuesdays students will complete Mural Art and on Thursdays students will have Urban Art.
    Ninja Warrior- Free With improvements on our playground, Moses will continue to teach and show the students different Ninja Warrior techniques Photography and Film- $20 per Trimester Tommy will continue to teach the students the different elements of photography. He will also be bringing back the TIDE Academy News (TAN). With the goal of creating a weekly episode.


Surf Awareness 

Teachers- Kyndal and Chelsea

Cost- $20



Teachers- Kendra and Steve

Cost- $10


CR Cooking and Crafts 

Teachers- Marielos and Ileana

Cost- Free (however students will be required to bring supplies for some classes)


Ninja Warrior 

Teacher- Moses

Cost- Free



Teachers- Moses and Julie

Cost- Free



Teachers- Gustavo and Steven

Cost- $100


Study Hall

Teachers- Emily and Alana

Cost- Free


Photography and Film

Teacher- Tommy

Cost- $20