Afternoon Electives

Afternoon Electives

Afternoon Electives

Our electives are offered from 12:00-2:30 and can change per semester.

All classes will be graded and will be noted on your report card.  The goal is have each child engaged in the classes he or she has signed up for.  Additionally, failing to come to class, coming late, misbehaving, and/or not participating will be noted.

Each class will be offered twice a week and the student is required to attend both classes.  The same four classes will be offered Monday and Tuesday or Tuesday and Thursday.  Students may not switch between the different classes each week.

If a student has decided not to enroll in an elective class, they must be picked up.

Spring Electives



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Enrichment Classes

Sign up for Trimester 2 Enrichment Activities
    Spanish with Jaime (1st-5th) Graphic Design with Rebecca $20 (6th-12th) Study Hall (all grades)
    Mural Art with Rebecca (1st-5th) $20 Advanced Art with David (6th-12th) $20
    Ninja Warrior with Moses (1st-5th) $20 Slam Poetry with Adam (6th-12th) $20
    Surf Analysis with Chelsea (1st-5th) Ninja Warrior with Moses (6th-12th)