Afternoon Electives

Afternoon Electives

Afternoon Electives

Our electives are offered from 12:00-2:30 and can change per semester.

All classes will be graded and will be noted on your report card.  The goal is have each child engaged in the classes he or she has signed up for.  Additionally, failing to come to class, coming late, misbehaving, and/or not participating will be noted.

Each class will be offered twice a week and the student is required to attend both classes.  The same four classes will be offered Monday and Tuesday or Tuesday and Thursday.  Students may not switch between the different classes each week.

If a student has decided not to enroll in an elective class, they must be picked up.

Spring Electives



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Enrichment Classes

Sign up for Trimester 2 Enrichment Activities
    Spanish with Jaime (1st-5th) Graphic Design with Rebecca $20 (6th-12th) Study Hall (all grades)
    Mural Art with Rebecca (1st-5th) $20 Advanced Art with David (6th-12th) $20
    Ninja Warrior with Moses (1st-5th) $20 Slam Poetry with Adam (6th-12th) $20
    Surf Analysis with Chelsea (1st-5th) Ninja Warrior with Moses (6th-12th)




Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior is an extracurricular activity focused on improving gross motor skill, general physical fitness, and overall wellbeing. Each class is based on a comprehensive routine of challenging exercises that will improve the physical qualities of mobility, flexibility, balance, coordination, strength, and endurance, as well as the mental qualities of critical thinking, perseverance, confidence, and responsibility. Through group cooperation, each student will learn to value the benefits of uplifting their peers and, through individual competition, each student will learn to value the benefits of setting their own personal goals to achieve.


The Spanish elective is for those who want extra reinforcement after school in the Spanish language. The aim is to practice Spanish in a more dynamic way. We will focus on conversation and games to improve what we are working on during our Spanish course. This class is also a good place to answer any questions students might have that we don´t have time to go over in class.

Mural Art

In mural art we will be learning the foundations of art such as shape, line, and texture. We will also practice different artistic techniques and learn about some famous artists in history. At least once a week we will work on painting murals around Tide Academy. 

Digital Art/Graphic Design

This class will focus on the various aspects of graphic design such as photo manipulation, typography, visual identity, branding, etc.  Although Adobe Creative Suite is the most common program used by digital designers students will also have the option of various free programs.  For this class students MUST have a laptop (not tablet) that has enough space available to download and properly run large programs. The class will be project based. For each project I will provide examples and guidance but the student will have ultimate creative freedom. I can’t wait to see what we can create together! 


Slam Poetry

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Welcome to Class!  I hope you are ready to get right into the exciting world of spoken word poetry. Spoken work poetry is word-based art. It focuses on word play, volume, speed, intonation and inflection to portray a message. It is a term that includes any kind of poetry read aloud including: slam poetry, hip hop and comedy routines. Separate from written poetry it is more centered on the aesthetics of sound.

OBJECTIVES:The main objective of the course is to have fun. To play with words, express ourselves, be cooperatively collaborative and build our confidence in speaking with others. Throughout the process studentswill explore Identity, feelings and articulately express any passions, interests or areas of life they find interesting.

Throughout the course we will view other spoken word artists work, welcome local guests who practice writing music and rap. We will explore the history of rapping, how we use words and enjoy playing with different parts of speech.

Students will begin by learning about different types of poetry including Haikus, Cinquains and Diamante poems. These poem styles will teach students more about how we use can look at syllables to help us smoothly and artistically convey a message.

Students will learn about some grammar concepts that lend themselves to spoken word.  These include: synonyms/antonyms, similes, metaphors, strong adjectives and strong verbs. Students will also widen their vocabulary and learn to articulately structure their writing.

Although it is not required, I hope that students are able create and deliver an artistic piece of writing for the other students in the school and perhaps the wider TIDE community by the end of term.