Dance Academy

TIDE Dance Academy

Instructor: Emily Brown

Times: Monday 12:15- 1:15, Thursdays 12:15-1:15, Fridays 10-2

Space: Maximum of 10 students

Description: In Dance Academy you will learn the basic concepts of dance. We cover all levels from beginner to advanced. The academy is broken down into different types of dance with a focus on technique, conditioning and control. We like to have fun and enjoy dance and use it as an expression of ourselves!


Monday- conditioning and flexibility

Thursday- Technique

Friday- Hip hop, contemporary, tap and ballet


Students that are in the dance academy also have an unlimited pass to take any dance class they like. If a student cannot attend these hours, they can attend after school hours.

It’s $100/ month for TIDE students¬†

Dress code: leotard and tights or leggings .
Black socks if don’t have shoes

Ps- Water will be provided