School Calendar: 2018-2019

1st Semester

August 24th– Teacher in-service day

August 27th– First Day of School

September 3rd– Labor Day- No School

October 18th – 1st Parent-Teacher Meetings 5:00pm

November 22nd – Thanksgiving- No School

December 20th – Last Day of Semester 1

December 21st– January 13th– Winter Vacation


2nd Semester

January 14th – First Day of Second Semester

January 21st– Martin Luther King Day- No School

April 4th– 3rd Quarter Parent-Teacher Meetings 5:00pm

April 8th– April 18th– Semana Santa- Spring Vacation

May 1st– Costa Rican Labor Day- No School

May 27th– Memorial Day- No School

June 6th– Last Day of School