TIDE’s 1st and 2nd grade students are learning about chocolate.  Next month they will be heading over to The Beach Chocolate to conclude the unit!  Read more about The Beach Chocolate below!  Get into some messy family fun with the first “bean to bar” chocolate maker in Guanacaste!! The Beach Chocolate is a new chocolate shop located in Playa Potrero that also offers chocolate making workshops for small and large groups. The Beach Chocolate workshop gives folks the unique opportunity to gain a direct insight into the mysteries and myths of cocoa and chocolate. You will be introduced to the natural and cultural history of cocoaRead More →

Have a great Rainy Season Vacation! We will be back in session October 26th! In the mean time here is a great video of TIDE’s first month of surf practices made by 10 Feet Traveling!  Read More →

  The final of the Stay Covered Triple Crown will happening this month! On October 24th Surf the TIDE will host the final of the 3 part kid surf series.  The contest will occur in Tamarindo in front of Witchs Rock Surf Camp.  The categories are: Juniors, Boys, Girls, Mixed Groms, Dolphins, and Froggies.  Surfers are more than welcome to register online for this event by clicking the link at the bottom of this article.Read More →

    This year TIDE Kinder-5th grade teacher Alana will be sharing a series of articles, blogs, and posts about TIDE’s philosophy, education, TIDE’s staff, things to do around the Tamarindo area.  This week she wants to share an informative article on helping your child learn to write.  Please read and keep checking back for more articles and information from Alana!Read More →

  For those who have questions about traveling, living as a family abroad, the abroad lifestyle, activities for kids and more The Family Freedom Project written by Liisa Vexler will answer all of your questions! Liisa, Derek, Dexter and Charlie have been a part of TIDE for the past two years.  Currently they are in Canada but we will be seeing them next March! Liisa’s blog literally covers everything you need to know about living and traveling abroad with a family.  Please check it out and let her know what you think! http://familyfreedomproject.com/Read More →

  The first week of Surf Class went great!  Isaac was able to evaluate the level of all the surfers and then discuss the basics of surfing during the first analysis class.  Next week the students will analyze video taken by Matt Sampson during the morning class!Read More →

We had a great first week of After School Activities! Please know that the activities are open to all TIDE families and families in the area! Cost for non-TIDE students: $5 per day or $10 per weekRead More →

Come join us at TIDE and learn more about the teachers, curriculums, goals, and more!  There will also be time to talk to each teacher individually.  Everyone is invited!  Read More →