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We are new to this, but we are very excited to announce TIDE will be starting a blog! The content will include: our learning philosophy, how TIDE started, information on our teachers and staff, and work by our students.

Each week we will post something new.  We hope you enjoy it!

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Coins for Hurricanes! The students have been collecting coins all week to donate to the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster to help those affected by the recent Hurricanes. The class with the most points by the end of next week will win a TIDE Pride prize!    Read More →

Welcome to TIDE Academy! We can’t believe that school is starting in less than a month! The first day of school is September 4th.  This is Labor Day but we do not celebrate State holidays at TIDE (since we are in Costa Rica) so we will have school. Below is the final calendar for next school year:Read More →

This year we are pleased to offer three different Enrichment Academies.  These are separate from the Enrichment Program and provide students with an additional six to seven hours per week studying an outside-the-classroom topic: Dance, Surf, or Music.Read More →

Enrichment Activities will start September 11th (second week of school).  All classes are pass/fail and are mixed grades. Descriptions Costa Rican Crafts- Each week students will learn a new local craft from Costa Rica.  Lanterns, instruments, beading crafts and more!  This class is focused for grades 5th and below. Art 1 and Art 2- Art Classes will introduce the basic fine art techniques and concepts such as line quality, color theory, perspective, negative space, symmetry, shading and more! The classes encompass a diversity of exercises to develop creativity and explore a variety of mediums through which the students can express themselves and discover their style.  ArtRead More →

Dance, Art, Spanish, Gardening, Surfing, and More! If you are looking for something to do this summer, check out TIDE Academy’s summer camps! Camps are open to all ages and will be running all of July and August! Contact for more info!Read More →

  Happy New Year!   I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday vacation.   I am very excited to be back in session.  As you can see we have many new faces and some additional classrooms!  We have separated grades 3 and 4 and 5th and 6th as well.  Emma and Maren, our newest additions to TIDE are very excited to join the team and help with the middle grades.  I wanted to go over a few updates and reminders just so we are all on the same page this January. Excused vs Un-excused Absences             At TIDE we want to promote a flexible education that catersRead More →

Happy October! This month has been flying by!   I just wanted to share a few announcements:   Rainy Season Vacation- There is no school next week (October 24-29), enjoy the rainy season and we will see you October 31st! Surf Contest this weekend. Everyone is invited to come participate and or watch this weekends Surf the TIDE contest in Avellanas. All surfers can sign up on the beach at 7:00am, event will start at 8:00am Tidal Dancers, TIDE’s Dance Academy is open! For more information on the classes, schedule, and additional information contact Emily at: Culture Week! This week all of Marielos’ studentsRead More →

Chelsea Director Enrichment Class: Ocean Awareness Chelsea founded TIDE Academy in 2011 in her own backyard. She wanted to create a schooling program that allowed students to learn at his or her own pace and to allow students to focus on other priorities without being penalized. Since the first year the school has been gradually growing and now how reached its maximum enrolment of 42 students. Chelsea is very excited with the 2016-2017 staff, students, and families. Her goal is to continue to make TIDE better and better in all aspects: Academics, Enrichment Program, and TIDE Abroad. With the amazing support of the staff, family,Read More →