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We are new to this, but we are very excited to announce TIDE will be starting a blog! The content will include: our learning philosophy, how TIDE started, information on our teachers and staff, and work by our students.

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One of the electives currently offered at TIDE Academy is an Ecology/Gardening/ Scouts class. I know, that’s a lot of slashes, right? This is due the nature of the course. As the students interests and wonders have developed so has the direction of the elective. Although the same outcomes are achieved, in this popular elective, the road to reaching the outcomes has adapted along the way.  Their current mission is creating a jungle trial to explore the local ecosystem. Speaking of slashes, how does someone get a machete license? Interest in using a machete is a natural desire for some students and let’s be honest,Read More →

KombuchaGusto One of my favorite parts of teaching the Community Internship class at TIDE Academy is seeing students develop interests in areas that they might otherwise not explore. KombuchaGusto is a local business that was started by Victoria and has been growing over the years. Victoria came to TIDE earlier in the year to talk to the Community Internship classes. She discussed the process of starting her business, the history and health benefits of Kombucha and ways students could get involved. Zoe, one of the Community Internship students has since been learning how to make Kombucha and has been working with Victoria at the TamarindoRead More →

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Isabel   Throughout the year we will be focusing on Senior students’ lives and futures. The seniors at TIDE Academy come from a variety of places and bring with them diverse personalities.As the grade 11/12 History and Community Internship teacher, I am gifted with the wise words of the seniors daily and excited to share them. Today, we focus on Isabel. Isabel is one of our short-term students, who joined our team for the first semester this year. We sat down and talk to her about academics, advice for future short-term students and her future. Isabel is highlyRead More →

Surfing through School One of the missions at TIDE Academy is to provide flexible scheduling to help facilitate the learning and lifestyles that takes place outside of school. This is one of the many reasons students and parents choose TIDE Academy. Two of our numerous students who need flexible schedules are Coral and Malakai. They are both part of the Costa Rican Surf Team and will be leaving at the end of the month to compete in the ISA Junior World Surfing Games.  It’s not easy to get where they are! Firstly, to become a member of the National Costa Rican Surf Team you mustRead More →

Admissions for the upcoming year are now open! Registration for the 2018 – 2019 Academic School Year begins March 1st, 2018. We urge all parents to register early, to help the administration make appropriate plans for the upcoming year. All returning and new students must complete the following: 2018 -2019 Financial Responsibility Agreement In addition, new students must complete a: Registration Package • Students entering 7th Grade must have a Tdap vaccination and provide an updated copy of Immunization Record. Please note: The first day of school is September 4, 2018. The tuition payment due date is the 7th of each month. We thank youRead More →

Our Enrichment Newspaper class has completed the first 2017 edition of the TIDE Chart. Click below to read more! Tide chart 2017  Read More →

Coins for Hurricanes! The students have been collecting coins all week to donate to the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster to help those affected by the recent Hurricanes. The class with the most points by the end of next week will win a TIDE Pride prize!    Read More →

Welcome to TIDE Academy! We can’t believe that school is starting in less than a month! The first day of school is September 4th.  This is Labor Day but we do not celebrate State holidays at TIDE (since we are in Costa Rica) so we will have school. Below is the final calendar for next school year:Read More →

This year we are pleased to offer three different Enrichment Academies.  These are separate from the Enrichment Program and provide students with an additional six to seven hours per week studying an outside-the-classroom topic: Dance, Surf, or Music.Read More →