Who’s new?

Who’s new?

There are a few new faces joining the TIDE Academy next year and we are very excited to add some enthusiastic and passionate members to the team. The 2019-2020 TIDE Academy team will be welcoming four new educators.

Our grade 1-3 lead teacher for English, Math and Science will be Leanna. Leanna has been teaching grade 1-3 in Costa Rica for the past 2 years and we are excited for her to continue her outstanding teaching practice here at TIDE Academy.  Leanna has teaching experience in the lower years, nursery and daycare in the United States. Leanna is most looking forward to working with small class sizes and having the autonomy to be able to structure her day, learning environment and units to suit her students needs.

Alyssa is a familiar face at TIDE Academy. Alyssa was here in March with ASU through the STEM teaching program. Alyssa has recently completed her degree in Pre-Med at ASU.  While teaching at TIDE Academy Alyssa was eager to get involved in the classroom and has amazing organization skills. Her experience teaching Biology at ASU, experience as a professor, work she does with primary schools and passion for the planet will be a warm welcome for our grade 4 and 5 Science class. Alyssa will also be teaching middle years math, Earth Science and Ocean Awareness.

Lastly, we welcome Hunter! Hunter is coming to TIDE Academy from Colarado where he works in outdoor education. Prior to pursuing outdoor education Hunter taught Social Studies, Advanced Government and Psychology; overseeing over 120 students. Hunter is passionate about the outdoors, meditation, teaches rafting and was recently teaching at Tahoe Mountain School.  Hunters exciting attitude will be welcomed as our Social Studies and Community Internship teacher this upcoming year.




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